Hi there! First post here at aubreedeimler.com. A fresh start. A new site.

While it’s my first post here, I am not new to blogging. I started peacewithendo.com back in 2012, where I shared my journey of healing and natural management of endometriosis.

I researched, experimented and read a ton of books on health and wellness. The blog was a way to share what I learned and tried along the way.

It has been quite the journey of discovery and exploration.

My soul purpose

I went through massive amounts of healing as I wrote my newest book, Energetics of Endo.

The book helped me back to my soul purpose – to write.

Writing the book gave space for an emotional release that needed to be expressed. The story called to be recorded.

My words were raw and fresh, as I experienced all the sensations that come when a massive shift happens.

After it was all said and done, I’ve finally found my way to Peace with Endo.

It’s time to explore other things.

So, the next step is to evolve into something new.

Endometriosis no longer controls my life and it’s not something I want to continue to put complete focus on.

So, I continue onwards here in this new space as me – Aubree Deimler – the writer.

While endo is certainly part of my story, it’s no longer the primary focus of the content I want to create moving forward.

Do what lights you up.

My healing journey has come with many lessons, but I was reminded of an important one recently after finishing up Rebecca Campbell’s book, Light is the New Black.

That is to do what lights you up. Intentionally bring in activities that spark joy.

What brings you joy? Share with us in the comments below!

Writing does for me. So does reading. (The two go hand-in-hand.)

So, part of what I’m going to share in this new space are the books I read that inspire or move me and hopefully spark connection with you.

Do you love to read too? Connect with me on GoodReads here.

And of course blogging gives me an outlet to write!

The Inspiring #WritingCommunity

I’ve also recently connected with the amazing #WritingCommunity on Twitter and Instagram.

I must admit, I love this energy in my newsfeed. It’s inspiring.

Writing can be a lonely journey. The act is literally of one’s Self.

It helps to be around others who are putting that energy out there and creating books and works of art.

The new me. The writer me. Is ready to explore.

And I’m going to use this space here to do so. Who am I? I hope to figure that out too!

While my published books share my personal path to healing from endometriosis, I’m shifting direction.

I’m currently writing a new fiction series in the paranormal fantasy realm. 

Whether it be fiction or non-fiction, my goal is to create with intention, to inspire thought, and reflection that leaves the reader feeling.

I’m so happy you’ve joined the journey.

Much LOVE,