We went on a hunt for toilet paper this past weekend. The Internet said there was limited supply at Target. It was wrong.

We ended up at three different stores, gathering what we could to hunker down for another week. Unfortunately, that didn’t include toilet paper. It’s literally sold out everywhere right now.

If Iโ€™m being honest, the toilet paper situation has been causing feelings of stress and anxiety. I didnโ€™t prepare for this! ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

We have about four rolls left and it’s Scotts, so each roll has 1K sheets. Yet it’s still causing me to ration with each of my trips to the bathroom, which happens like once an hour, and my stomach heaves a bit each time we’re one more roll down.

What an interesting time we’re living through. ๐Ÿ˜‚

As I’ve evolved and enlightened over the past few years on my personal healing journey, I understand and appreciate the messages and guidance that show up in every day situations and circumstances, especially when they trigger uncomfortable feelings.

When things feel out of control…

What is it about toilet paper that’s causing so much panic? I did a bit of Googling on the subject, because I love to ask, why?

The common theme among what I found goes back to a lesson that I believe is what the coronavirus is here to unveil and heal on a greater level… (I know, who knew toilet paper could be so revealing! ๐Ÿงป๐Ÿค”)

Seriously though, it’s an issue on control.

The situation feels for many like it’s out of our control, and further domino effects, like job loss, or loss of income as a business owner, and things shake up even more.

Buying 150+ rolls of toilet paper made some people feel like they have a say in a crisis that has stirred up feelings of uncertainty and fear.

And the panic buying that has left paper product shelves empty across my area (and beyond!) is a fear of not having enough.

These triggers, like not being able to get what you need, and worrying that there’s not enough, are all root issues. The foundation may be rocky for many experiencing the shocks of this.

As the world takes pause, with stay at home mandates that force us to stop and stay inside, I see the pain and frustration this is causing for many, especially if it’s a big shift in how you’ve been living your life.

Yet again, it may feel like all of this is out of your control.

Pain has taught me to surrender.

The issue of control has been front and center in my healing journey as a primary lesson on an emotional and spiritual level. (I wrote more about this in my book, Energetics of Endo)

I believe that the chronic illnesses and pain (physically and emotionally) that have showed up in my life have been the greatest teachers.

I’ve learned to surrender, let go, and stop resisting what is.

I’ve also learned that no matter how bad things feel in the moment, with faith, prayer, and intention comes trust that all will work out.

One of my favorite mantras to repeat when things feel out of control: Everything always works out for me. I live in abundance and the Universe supports me. I am safe and protected.

You cannot always control what happens to you, nor can you control the actions of others (Hello toliet-paper hoaders! ๐Ÿ˜‚).

What you can control is how you respond.

Take a breath. Your breath is the ticket to calming your nervous system and the stress response. It restores balance and lets your brain and body know that you’re Ok.

Deep breath in… hold… and let go. Ask yourself: Is this in my control? What can I control?

Your breath is what expands that heart space and allows for connection in an energy center that connects your physical and spiritual, soul body.

heart space healing

Call to Action

As an empath, introvert, and one who has lived most of my life with chronic illness, I feel like I’ve been preparing for these times for years! (Minus the toilet paper crisis! ๐Ÿงป๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿ˜‚)

And I keep find myself asking, How can I help? How can I serve?

Before I started writing this post, I picked a card from my Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck and the message I received was from Commander Ashtar, a multi-dimensional being who promotes truth, peace and harmony.

He communicates through the heart space! ๐Ÿ’š

Commander Ashtar is part of a congregation of light beings who work to bring healing to the world. He’s an amazing guide for those feeling the call to bring positivity, healing and inspiration to those around us. He lifts up the heart of LEADERS.

His message to me (and to you as a reader, now) is a “Call to Action”, to step up, and change the world. Take the first step, and the next will follow. Take time to connect to the Universe, to the stars, and know that you’re not alone.

What a beautiful message!

A similar one came through from Elizabeth Peru in the last couple blog posts she wrote about the call to empaths to stand up right now to lead and guide with truth, love and healing that the world very much needs.

The roots are being tested so that the earth can adjust in a massive re-birthing that’s happening, in alignment with a seasonal shift to spring here in the northern hemisphere.

We’re now moving towards the light.

A call to create from the heart space

I believe there are greater lessons the coronavirus is here to teach the world. It’s a global call out for healing.

I’ve felt that call strongly. Have you? Are you listening?

We are being advised to pause and reconnect with loved ones, but more so, with ourselves.

The virus attacks the heart space, the energetic center that holds emotions of grief, love and sense of self.

The healing of the heart space expands out through your hands. The message we’ve all been receiving is about washing and cleansing your hands, but that can be interpreted energetically too.

Clear out the muck. Create! Get the energy out. Write! Make music, build puzzles, paint or color. Use your creative gifts.

Get in that energy, and we’ll all support the global heart space, the collective consciousness.

The more each of us takes time to rest, to create, to meditate, the better. This global energy changes the vibe from stress to peace, calm and fun.

I believe this rebirthing and unrest, along with the seasonal shift, is calling out a strong message from the divine feminine, to get into a creative energy.

I’ve felt called to write and create. I feel my role in all of this is to reach and connect with words. This is the gateway to leadership for me.

The uncertainties and unrest have stimulated a desire with me to go back to what I love to do. I got started again on writing my new book, and am feeling super excited about that. It felt so good to get back in the flow.

All it took was a step, through the resistance (This is dumb! This sucks!) to pull out that energy from the heart space.

I believe creativity is the way out of this. The world needs your art now more than ever.

We can pull through collectively with compassion, kindness, and not taking more than you need.

It’s a time to slow down, consume less, connect more, and create.

Release, let go, trust.

I invite you to join me in raising the vibe.

We’ll make it through…

Much Love,

P.S. My dad brought me over a bunch of toilet paper rolls this morning. All it took was reaching out and asking for help. This is another lesson in the divine feminine energy of receiving. Is there something you need? Please don’t be afraid to ask.