Here we are nearing the end of 2020. What a year, eh? 😂

I’ve been reflecting back on it. As I’m sure you know, it hasn’t been an easy one by any means. I may have set a record on how many times I’ve said WTF!

2020, it has certainly been a weird one.

Yet through it all, I feel it has been a powerful year of conscious and spiritual growth.

As with other painful years in the past, I was led in 2020 by the magic of synchronicity. This included strong reminders that the messages I need to see, hear, and feel always come to me in divine timing.

In 2020, I connected with new spiritual teachers who have helped me navigate this difficult, emotionally charged year with intuitive guidance that has helped me hold onto a vision that better times are coming.

All in all 2020 has been a powerful year in more ways than one. As we wrap it up, here are some reflections on what this year presented to me.

Powerful lessons 2020 presented

2020 Age of Aquarius

Power of Personal Responsibility

One message that’s been consistently delivered to me as 2020 comes to an end is the power of personal responsibility. This has me reflecting even further back, as this idea connects first and foremost with my health.

Back in 2011, I was officially diagnosed via laparascopic surgery with endometriosis, a painful, chronic condition with no “cure”.

The traditional medical establishment only offered drugs and surgery and I was tired of these options. I knew there had to be another way.

So, instead of following the indoctrinated westernized medical path, I set out on a new holistic journey.

I finally put together the connection between the foods I eat and how I feel and in my body’s ability to heal. What a concept that was to me at the time!

I started to meditate and connect with my internal guidance, my Higher Self, and I found out how powerful I AM. I have the ability to heal myself.

Over the past nine years I’ve cleansed myself of pharmaceuticals, inflammatory, and processed foods. I pay attention to what I put on my body including the products I put on my skin and use in my home.

While the changes I’ve made over the years have made a big difference in how I feel today, I’ve had to face the fact that my body is super sensitive.

This means personal responsibility continues to come into play every single day. The choices that I make each day to support my health add up over time. Health and healing is life long.

Power of natural solutions

Along my holistic healing journey, I’ve been heavily influenced by the work of Anthony William. He points chronic illness back to the influences of viruses and bacteria.

After consuming all of his books and putting his advice into practice, I now know the basic building blocks of immune system support and what kills off viruses. What important information to have in 2020!

Because of this knowledge and success I’ve had with my own health, I’m in a place now where I don’t fear the virus. I believe in the power of my immune system, and I pay a good amount of money on foods and supplements to support it!

I wish that we lived in a world where this information was widely shared. Unfortunately the medical system doesn’t advocate for natural choices since they don’t offer the same profit as pharmaceuticals do.

The sad truth of this was shown to me over a decade ago, and was shoved in my face again this year, as the world faces a new virus that’s very much fueled by emotions of fear.

Once afraid of the unknown too, I now have full confidence that my body is a powerful, healing vessel when fueled with the right nutrients and support. That’s where the personal responsibility comes in.

Stop Watching TV

Power of Programming

As many have, I can’t help but question what’s really going on with the response to the pandemic and the consistencies and inconsistencies in the narrative we’ve heard throughout 2020.

Over the years on my holistic healing journey I’ve collected a good group of out of the box thinkers, and I’m grateful for my social newsfeeds! Oh how much I’ve learned from my fellow thinkers and questioners. 🧐

My curiosity was met in my social feed with a film that came out early in 2020 called Out of Shadows, a documentary that looked into how Hollywood and the mainstream media manipulate by spreading propaganda in their content.

The information took me down a deeper rabbit hole and awareness of deep dark energy that’s pulling a lot of strings. The truth of what’s been going on behind the scenes for centuries literally made me sick 🤮🤮🤮

I was shocked, heartbroken and angry. While I won’t get into all that here, I will say that the possibility of it all made me not want to watch TV or consume really anything from Hollywood.

Power of stopping the noise

I stopped watching TV back in June of 2020. All of it.

Every time I turned on the TV I was blasted with fearful messages and a narrative that my intuition questioned from the beginning, and as an empath, the last thing I want to be around and absorbing is fear.

I didn’t realize just how much TV was impacting me until I turned it off. I stopped the noise, turned off the low vibe energy of fear and broke one major arm of the programming.

While this was an adjustment at first, now I don’t even think about it. Life is better without TV, especially now.

Who knew I could live without cheese and TV! Who knew life was actually better without them?! Haha. It’s true. 👏🏻

Journeys out of Body

journeys out of the body

I know what you’re thinking…. if you don’t watch TV what do you do?!

Meditate more. Rest. I’ve learned to be without the needed presence of TV. I’ve read a lot! I’m up to 127 books so far this year.

And I continue to slowly write my novel. I just crossed 30k words.

Part of the novel writing process this year has included some research, which for this book I’m writing now includes dreams and astral travel.

My research and love for learning in the metaphysical realm brought me to Robert Monroe and his series of books that starts with Journeys out of the Body.

I found Monroe’s story to be super intriguing. He shared lessons he gained from his astral travel experiences and the connections he made with higher conscious beings in his dream state.

After reading all the books in the series I came away with an even greater shift in perspective on the influence of energy on Earth and higher realms of consciousness that could literally be feeding off of it.

Turns out Earth is low on the cosmic planetary food chain and is a negative place, overall, but the energy here is shifting.

This is thanks to a large amount of starseeds and lightworkers in human form who are here to remind us of who we are, to help heal the planet, and shift us all into higher states of consciousness here on Earth.

Pleiadian starseed teachings

2020 & Aliens too? Sure, why not?

Speaking of starseeds, shortly after I decided to stop watching TV in the summer, I came across a quote on a page I follow called Raising Vibrations and it was from the Pleiadians.

The words were true to what was happening, and what I was uncovering at the time, and it got me curious about these Pleiadian starseeds.

I asked my spiritual mentor (who is also an amazing psychic and healer) if she’d heard of these Pleiadian starseeds and she went into a story about an incredible healing experience she had with their assistance. She asked them who they were and they told her that she was part of their soul family.

This got me even more intrigued to learn more, so I picked up a book called Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak, who claims to channel messages from the Pleiadians.

I connected with the info she shared in the book and came away with more far out energy that made me question things even more. What if nothing is at it seems? Is this even real?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

As the world around us has shifted into a strange Twilight Zone, it was like discovering the hands to the puppet show.

I started to connect with more people in the Pleiadian perspective and found similar messaging in regards to our human DNA consciousness and what the dark forces have done to disconnect the human collective from our inner power by dumbing down connection to our full DNA. These dark forces feed on this negative energy of fear and dis-ease.

I’ve heard on more than one occasion from spiritual leaders in my awareness that there is a spiritual war going on right now. Good versus evil.

2020 pointed me to awareness of demons running things and to the hope that there is a light force fighting back 😇

I realize this all sounds totally Sci-Fi, but hey, that’s my jam, and I am not the first to say that truth is stranger than fiction.

After all, 2020 has shown us that!

Stepping outside the box

To the “normal” person, I’m looney tunes, haha, and I suppose I’m used to that label, as it became the case as soon as I made a choice to step outside the box and take personal responsibility for my health, and the choices I make I on a daily basis.

I’m aware of the power of food and nutrients to support my body and immune system. I’m aware of the power of my thoughts and the information and energy that I surround myself with.

As I AM today, my consciousness has shifted tremendously from where I was a year ago.

2020 brought out deep triggers that continue to present themselves as the virus continues to impact the globe. The worldwide response to the pandemic has had many of us questioning things, myself included.

My never ending curiosity brought me down a rabbit hole that forever changed my perspective on life and existence on this planet.

I’ve evolved so much over the past nine years and even more so in the past year and now here we stand as a collective ready for another shift.

And here I stand, ready for it!

The word corona means “crown” and metaphysically this connects to your crown chakra, located right above your head, connecting your earth plane existence to Source and the collective consciousness.

I feel the worldwide experience of how this coronavirus has brought a strong reminder that we are ONE, here together, in these stranger, yet somehow exciting times.

If nothing else, it has given me lots of book ideas!

Thanks for reading, and if you connect with any of this, I’m happy you found me.

Us weirdos have to stick together.

Much Love,