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I’ve been writing books ever since I was a child. They started out as hand drawn pictures and words stapled together and later typed up, three hole punched, and tied up with string. I’d gift the books each year to my family members. 

“We have a writer on my hands,” My grandmother said, “Keep at it.”

I certainly have. Writing is part of me. There is something that happens with a pen and paper in hand, when I’m not sure where the words come from.

That feeling of flow is pure magic. I believe now that writing serves as a gateway to my soul.

Granted, I also download a lot of words! I’m an avid reader. This also started from an early age.

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My love for writing and reading helped move me through a decade of college where I was assigned lots of both.

But after two master’s degrees and years of stress, I physically burnt out. 

I was diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses including endometriosis, fibromyalgia and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

These mysterious chronic conditions spurred the inner researcher in me to find a solution, and I realized after much frustration that the Western Medical system didn’t have the answers.

So I stepped into the world of holistic healing. I started a blog in September 2012, which I titled “Peace with Endo.” I shared what I was learning about holistic living and my personal journey of healing. 

After traveling down a long road of healing, I do believe that I’ve found peace with endo, which has come with further personal evolution, and the creation of this site, here. 

Who am I? I am an author, reader, dreamer, intuitive empath and advocate for Mother Earth. 

I am currently working on a new fiction book that’s in the realm of paranormal fantasy. 

Thanks for joining me in this space of creative musings. Much Love. 💛

My Books

Energetics of Endo

A personal journey of exploration to uncover deeper emotional and spiritual meaning behind endometriosis and infertility.

From Pain to Peace with Endo

Learn about the interplay of your body’s natural healing mechanisms to put in place an environment to ward off endometriosis.

Women Who Inspire

A collection of inspirational stories to fuel your soul’s deepest desires, authentic truth, and divine purpose.


This book was the greatest gift ever received with so much information surgeons never informed me. Your book brought me to self love. Thank you for sharing your journey to fill my heart with Hope.

– Yvonne