Energetics of Endo

A Journey to Uncover Deeper Meaning Behind Endometriosis and Infertility

I’d spent years addressing the physical part of my being, but I’d only touched the surface of my energetic “body”, or the greater spiritual part of my Self.

As I opened up to this deeper exploration, fueled by intention, things started to fall into place. I was guided down a path of greater healing that I wasn’t expecting.

AMAZON Best Selling Author

Aubree Deimler

Hi, love! I’m so happy you’re here. My name’s Aubree and I am an author, reader, dreamer, intuitive empath and wellness mentor.

My published books share my personal path to healing from endometriosis, but I’m shifting direction! I’m currently writing a new fiction series in the paranormal fantasy realm. 

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Other Books

From Pain to Peace with Endo

Learn about the interplay of your body’s natural healing mechanisms to put in place an environment to ward off endometriosis.

Women Who Inspire

A Collection of Inspirational Stories to Fuel Your Soul’s Deepest Desires, Authentic Truth, and Divine Purpose.


I could not put this book down.

– Kimberly


I highly recommend this book for my endo sisters. It’s soothing to read Aubree’s story and to feel like you’re not alone.

– R.C.


This book is incredible. It has so much good information. My favorite part is that it’s positive. It gives me hope and motivation.

– B.K.